Targeted Direct Mail Campaigns that Get Noticed.

Over 100 million pieces of mail processed every year!

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Stay up-to-date on industry news

Stay up-to-date on industry news

Improve your Response Rates with 1:1 Direct Mail Campaigns

Cover-All Business Communication Management expertise begins with our ability to manage your data to produce a highly targeted 1:1 direct mail campaign that gets noticed. Our database management programs are specifically designed for direct mail production and help countless businesses improve the effectiveness of their direct mail campaigns. Data processing combined with variable imaging, enables you to produce highly targeted direct mail campaigns that will improve your response rates.

Your Cover-All Team will manage every aspect of your direct mail production, providing consistent, accurate and timely direct mail services. With over 50 years experience managing direct mail for leading North American companies, our clients trust Cover-All to provide flexible and reliable mail services.

  • Direct Mail campaigns including acquisition and retention
  • Loyalty programs
  • Fundraising appeals

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Strong Customer Focus that makes your job easier

As mail production experts, we take pride in our ability to identify areas to improve accuracy, eliminate waste and improve your mail programs. Your dedicated team at Cover-All will ensure your campaign is effective, accurate, on-time and on budget. Emphasis on the customer is built right into our corporate culture with our ISO 9001 Certification, which ensures that we manage your business with quality process principles, including a strong customer focus.

ISO 9001 Customer Centric

ISO 9001:2015 – Seven Principles of Quality Management

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision making
  • Relationship management

Robust Data Processing that Improves Data Integrity

Cover-All’s strength is the ability to manage your data. Our data processing programs adapt to your existing internal IT systems, with the flexibility to utilize your input file to manage your direct mail, helping to improve data integrity. Cover-All’s internal programming systems have helped countless businesses improve the effectiveness of their direct mail campaigns by eliminating duplicate records within a single list and across multiple lists, updating addresses to be aligned with the Canada Post database, and identifying possible records that may not be delivered, thereby improving response rates while reducing production and postage costs.

Boost Donations with Custom Tailored Data Programming

Cover-All can help maximize your donation goals with our custom-tailored data programming. Designed to improve the effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns, our programs identify historical support patterns, can apply calculations to show future values, and create customized and relevant content for your recipients. With Cover-All, you will have access to the tools you need to create the most relevant communication, helping to improve the results of your donation campaigns.

Canada Post Smartmail Marketing EXPERT Partner

Cover-All was selected as one of the very first Canada Post Smartmail Marketing EXPERT Partners. This partnership ensures that your mail is delivered quickly and at the lowest possible cost. You can have confidence that your mail will be correctly addressed according to Canada Post requirements, and our mail processing service ensures that your mail is properly sequenced and formatted to comply with Canada Post standards. We also offer services to enhance the deliverability of your mail with National Change of Address (NCOA) and Address Accuracy (AA) updates to repair addresses or exclude undeliverable mail, eliminating waste and saving you time and money.

Canadian Marketing Association ‘Do Not Mail List’ database hosting provider

Cover-All is the trusted data hosting provider for the CMA’s ‘Do Not Mail List’, which affords us firsthand understanding about the mechanics for this database management.

Data Integrity
  • Programming that improves data integrity
  • Create highly customized and relevant content
  • Canada Post partnership improves accuracy and reduces costs

Variable Imaging that has Maximum Impact

Customers are increasingly looking for a personalized purchase experience that is tailored to their unique needs. The stats are clear, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that offer a personalized experience, and 70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions. Data processing, combined with variable imaging, enables you to produce a highly targeted and relevant message within your direct mail campaign that will strengthen client relationships and improve your response rates.

Cover-All offers a wide variety of variable imaging options for text, graphics, and images including digital print letters or brochures in full colour, black, or greyscale. Our sophisticated full-colour digital production presses and our black high-speed laser printers offer full variable text, graphics, and imagery. This enables you to tailor your messages to achieve maximum impact with the power of 1:1 communication. Cover-All also offers increased flexibility with the ability to choose the best production processes for your direct mail needs, including labels, inkjet imaging, monochrome laser, and full colour laser. 

Variable Imaging for Maximum Effect
  • Create highly targeted campaigns
  • Maximum impact with 1:1 messaging and images
  • Higher response rates
Personalized Direct Mail

Printing Services that Simplify your Direct Mail Campaigns

Cover-All’s high-speed digital colour and monochrome printers produce high quality generic inserts, letterhead and forms/shells, brochures, flyers, envelopes and more.

Cover-All manages all your printing, making managing your direct mail projects easier by providing you a single point of contact. Our print and direct mail experts manage all aspects and steps of production for you, reducing your time and resources necessary to get your campaigns completed.

Printing Services On Brand
  • Simplified campaigns with single point of contact
  • Quality high-speed digital printing
  • Experienced print production and options
  • One-stop partner for all your direct mail production needs

Production Services that keep you On Time and On Budget

Ensure your direct mail campaign is on time and on budget with Cover-All’s highly accurate, and automated direct mail production services.

Mail and Print Production Services on time and on budget
  • High speed, automated trimming, folding, or gluing of brochures and letters
  • Fast and efficient mechanical and intelligent insertions
  • Inter-stacking and perforating
  • Custom services to meet your unique direct mail needs
  • Professional results every time!

Automation that Improves Expediency and Accuracy

As part of Cover-All’s ISO 9001 customer-centric and continuous improvement approach, we have utilized automation for years by way of two interconnected platforms: Production Control Management System and Mail Automation Processing. When campaigns occur on a regular basis, investment in automation can yield significant cost savings and improve time to market.

Production Control Management System (PCMS) is a proprietary file tracking system that automates docket creation, documentation, and internal communication between departments, from estimating through to final billing.

Mail Automation Processing (MAP) is a proprietary combination of applications and custom code that acts to complete repetitive tasks and fulfill client’s business rules by automating file receipt (or pick-up), simple to complex data processing functions, the application and execution of customer business rules, final composition, and can be configured for customer reporting and near real-time back feed of data.

The combination of MAP and PCMS helps to streamline an ongoing program allowing customers to focus on other aspects of their day. Our integrated systems tracking and reporting functions are tailored to each individual customer’s needs. It automates transparency into milestones at every stage of the production process from tasks already completed, to those that are yet to be tasked, without the need to manually manage a program. This ensures that once we set up your business rules everyone is working with the same requirements, ensuring consistency and accuracy of your campaign throughout every stage of the process.

Automation that improves efficiency

Cover-All automation systems afford customers:

  • Consistency and Accuracy
  • Outstanding on-time and quality assurance levels
  • An easy way to manage and receive feedback for ongoing programs