About Cover-All Business Communication Management

Cover-All Business Communication Management is a data-to-delivery direct mail division with over 50 years experience managing direct mail, transactional mail and e-mail programs. Our strength is the ability to manage and protect your data, using it to create relevant messages and mailing it with a high degree of accuracy. Leading North American organizations trust Cover-All to provide flexible and reliable direct communication production services, knowing we have the breadth of knowledge to ensure campaigns are delivered securely, accurately, on time, and on budget. 

Our Mission

Cover-All is dedicated to helping clients take advantage of opportunities by capitalizing on technology infrastructure that meets their unique business needs.

The Cover-All Difference

Our size is our strength. It is the reason we are able to provide every client with personalized service. You will not be one of hundreds of nameless clients; our team will know you by name and you will get to know them. We treat every client, from leading North American organizations, to small and medium sized businesses, with the same exceptional level of service. Yet we are large enough to have all the necessary quality control and data protection supports in place.

We have a wealth of long-term, in-house talent with decades of experience, guaranteeing you continuity of service. Our team is always looking for opportunities to save your business money, and when something makes sense they’ll suggest recommendations that could save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

With Cover-All, you will realize improved results with a company that is trusted, flexible and reliable. That’s the Cover-All difference!

Company Background

Founded in 1966 by James Coverdale, Cover-All’s roots have been in data from the very beginning. Working with companies to process data, Mr. Coverdale steadfastly built up his business through hard work, attention to client needs, and a keen eye on being progressive – and also by being realistic and fiscally responsible. While that may sound like a somewhat mundane quality, fast-forward to today’s economic environment and Cover-All’s longevity is due to that underlying quality. It is a great, although sometimes understated value in these changing times.

Over the years since initially processing data, Cover-All’s clients required additional quality services, leading Cover-All to branch out into areas that made logical sense for the business. Cover-All worked hand-in-hand with organizations of all sizes to remedy their challenges of moving from manual business systems to more modern technologies. Clients counted on the technical acumen, high ethical standards, and reliable delivery of the services provided by Cover-All.

Cover-All further enhanced its position in IT in 1996 with the acquisition of the AT&T/NCR Canada Markham Data Centre. This data centre is a complete data centre offering all the necessities associated with data security and redundancy, but with the added benefit of being a family-owned business that continues to support change to its values.

In 2007 Cover-All acquired SMART DM, a large competitor and provider of direct mail and graphic finishing services, specializing in products or requirements that are out of the norm from an engineering or volume/time perspective. The business’ name celebrated the names of the two founding companies, SMR and Tytrek (1929), and also reflected the approach to production – looking for ways to do things faster, more cost effectively, and more intelligently – simply SMARTER.

Late in 2008 Cover-All acquired PostLinx (formerly Postal Promotions – 1959) from Pitney Bowes Canada. PostLinx, a leading data-to-mail and direct marketing communications service provider employed the latest technology to meet the needs of clients throughout Canada and the United States, and had been empowered under PB to create work-flow that allowed for efficiency, security and the utmost in quality.

Today we induct more than 100 million pieces of mail into the postal systems annually using a total suite of services: database management and analytics; variable data imaging; finishing, insertion and deployment of both physical and electronic mail communications; order fulfillment, and much more.

Cover-All remains one of the last large direct mail service organizations that is privately held. This provides clients with a level of flexibility and creativeness on large and/or complex projects that is unmatched in the industry, yet in a business model that ensures a level of quality and accountability that is commensurate with publicly held organizations – the best of both worlds.

President’s Message

As a family-owned company, we take pride in our longevity and our record of consistent growth. We attribute our success to a loyal, hard-working group of employees who are dedicated to our clients.

Our commitment to helping our client’s transition to new technologies in order to decrease costs and take advantage of opportunities has been the bedrock of our success. Investments in people and new technology have provided Cover-All with a unique competitive advantage recognized by our many long-term clients.

Although we are a different company today than we were 50 years ago, we continue to build on this solid and reliable foundation.

It is my promise to our clients that regardless of size, we will provide you with outstanding client service and recommend the services that best suit your unique business needs. We will strive to meet all deliverables, provide the best work possible and endeavour to exceed your expectations.

We provide a diverse and growing service offering and welcome the opportunity for new challenges as the solutions serve both our clients and our advancement as a company.

You have my word that choosing any business unit of Cover-All is a sound choice. Fundamental business principles of ethics, honesty and a high regard and respect for our clients and employees govern all of the work that we do.

Michael Coverdale, CPA, CA
President, Cover-All Computer Services Corp.

Celebrating 50 Years!

In 2016, Cover-All reached a milestone, celebrating 50 years offering business information services to our clients! Although it is a much different company today than it was in 1966, we uphold our Founder’s vision and commitment to innovative thinking, seizing opportunities, and delivering beyond expectations. We want to thank our clients and employees for your continued loyalty!

Evolution in Business Communication Management Services

Cover-All Business Communication Management administers over 100 million pieces of mail into the Canadian and American postal systems annually, and facilitates communication using the latest electronic means.

In the 70s and 80s Cover-All held a unique position in the North American marketplace. A third-party service company capable of processing large data files on a mainframe computer. A direct correlation exists between big data and data management in the direct mail industry involved in the modeling, segmentation and customization that has been employed in the direct mail industry to this day. In the 80’s large files needed to be processed for the best possible postage discounts and the only software available to perform this processing was mainframe-based. Cover-All saw this as an opportunity and began processing data as a service provider to other direct marketers. Client demand helped to evolve our business through the addition of customized laser printing and mail production equipment. Our clients saw the value of dealing with an organization that had experience handling large volumes of data to manage often complex mail programs. Today we manage over 100 million pieces of direct and transactional mail for our clients annually and continue to evolve by offering e-mail and other forms of business communication programs to our clients.

Our experts are here to help with all your business information management needs, please contact us today to find out more.


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